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Lab Mailing Address

William H. Foege Hall,  S-041

3720 15th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98105 

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Lab Handbook

The lab handbook includes basic lab information and lab safety information and can be found here: 

Lab Version Control

Version control repositories for public and private projects can be found at 

Lab Safety

Information on Lab Safety, trainings, SOPs, and helpful links can be found in the Safety101 repository:

The Lab at ASMS 2024 in Anaheim

Left to right: Katarina, Erik, Chris, Devin, Val, Chelsea, Sahar, Catherine

Chelsea's presentation at ASMS 2024

Chris' presentation at ASMS 2024

Erik's presentation at ASMS 2024

Val's presentation at ASMS 2024

Meeting Makarov!

Hospitality Suites at ASMS